About Us

The Green Global Power-Songhai Federation-2020

Africa $54 trillion consortium LLC is both a facilitation platform and special purpose corporate instrument & driver for world exponential economic growth.

Our Goal

To promote economic freedom in Africa and provide sustainable growth opportunities for African and American investors in the new continent wide economy and Fiscal Union. 

We are raising five billion dollars for the CREATION - 2020 - OF THE SONGHAI FEDERATION.

Our Beliefs

We believe that Africa will only develop by expanding and sustaining free enterprise and economic freedom within a political federation (such as The SONGHAI FEDERATION). 

With Economic Freedom, Competitive Political System and a striving and exponential growth of entrepreneurs, Africa will be industrialized and the largest economy in the world by 2030; and would be a driver of global economic growth.

Our Plan

Why The Africa $54 Trillion Consortium LLC.?

The strategic impediment preventing the exponential growth of capital in Africa is the political division of 54 countries. Without a political federation (such as the SONGHAI FEDERATION), the declared goal of the African union to industrialize Africa will not be realized.

Africa $54 Trillion Consortium LLC seeks to bridge this gap by raising funds (5 Billion dollars) in creation of the 2020 SONGHAI FEDERATION.

How will money raised be allocated?

To fund all legal and lawful activities to create the SONGHAI FEDERATION through a referendum where the voters in Africa endorse adoption of the federal constitution on the treaty of federation, competitive political system and economic freedom-entrepreneurship.

Funding Allocation - Phase One.

  • Production and (public &  private) distribution(copies) of the SONGHAI FEDERATION Constitution.
  • Multi channel media campaigns which includes:
  • Ads, Digital Media, Social Media, TV, Radio,  Print Media (newspapers and magazines).
  • United states of Africa-2017 town halls across the continent of Africa. 
  •  Facilitate growth of coaforum.com
  • Isatu Enterprises Fund, Strata-Dora​ ​Fund and Kabudu Fund.
  • Salaries for Country-Community Engagement Managers(54). cosAL​

Funding Allocation - Phase Two.

  • Support with matching funds to Usafrica-2017 Project Task Force LLC, ​Initiatives-African Investment Bank, African Cultural Industry, And​ ​Investment Initiatives Dashboard. 
  • Assist funding of Usafrica-2017 Project Task Force events/summits, expos,  conferences, forums, roundtables​, and panelists​.

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AFRICA $54 Trillion Consortium, LLC

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